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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  August 14, 2010 3:00pm-4:00pm EDT

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the people and what our values are all about. >> that was ed henry, cnn's senior white house correspondent who had that exclusive interview with president obama. let's bring ed back in right now to talk about that. really interesting, ed, he was talking about not just the gulf coast, but also this mosque controversy that he has now elevated to this whole new level by weighing in on it. so, talk to us about that. >> big time. yeah, you're right. by the president weighing in last night at the white house at this celebration for muslim americans, it could end up overshadowing this trip a little bit. the goal here, obviously too, come here to panama city and say it's open for business and that the water is safe to go swimming in and the seafood is good enough to eat, et cetera. but white house officials say the president basically weighed in last night in part because it felt like he could hardly avoid such a big controversy at a celebration last night. his staff, robert gibbs and others said we're not going to
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weigh in on a local issue but now they say michael bloomberg has weighed in and said that he supports this project. the president felt like it was time for him to weigh in, as well. it is very interesting if you listen closely to what he says. he is trying to draw a distinction and trying to walk away from saying i'm not supporting this specific project. i understand the sense sensitivity. he believes a fundamental right for all americans to practices religion, their own religion regardless of what it is, et cetera. we'll see if that's good enough for the critics based on the early reaction. peter king blasting the president saying it's insensitive for him to support this because of this big, big controversy that has been bubbling up. in terms of the gulf coast on a much lighter note the big question out there, will the president actually get in the water behind me there at panama city beach because some of the locals are saying they want to see him get in. they want him to send a very powerful symbolic symbol around
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the world that this water is safe. you're not going to get sick if you go swimming. that big tabloid fodder when the president took off his shirt in hawaii and went swimming and people making a lot of notice out of that. look, it was on the front page and you guys will tease me about all that and taking the shirt off. he's indicating he will go wading in that water tomorrow with his shirt on. he may go swimming without the shirt out of the view of our cameras later on. but he's clearly going to take some sort of a presidential plunge because he wants to send the signal that the administration is behind this region and that the water, the food, et cetera is safe. >> he doesn't want that image to hijack the white house's message here. but also, ed, the big question for you is, are you going to get in there? i mean, come on. you're there in the gulf coast, you have a moment, are you going to enjoy yourself for a second? >> i think i'm going to try. it has been kind of a busy day already. maybe i have that excuse not to get into water just yet. ali velshi wanted me to bring a
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speedo, but i want to assure everybody around panama city, i decided not to buy one. i don't want to hurt tourism more than it has already been hurt. >> if you file a piece on it, you're technically working and you should go ahead. >> maybe i'll do the board shirts, no speedo. >> please, ed, ed henry our senior white house correspondent there on the gulf coast giving him a hard time there. >> thanks. the man in charge of the government's response to the bp oil disaster briefed the press last hour on efforts to permanently seal the well. national incident commander thad allen says both bottom kill and drilling of a relief well have to go forward. he said that crews are assessing risks associated with that approach. cnn's reynolds wolf, pardon me, reynolds wolf, i can say your name, buddy. he's in gulf shores, alabama. you listen to all of his comments. did it really give you an indication of what to expect going forward from here? >> absolutely.
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i mean, certainly ll lly err o certainty about him. also a couple other things that he had mentioned. one thing is that he is going to order bp to conduct pressure tests and to lay out plan physical the pressure were to rise unexpectedly within the well. once bp conducts those tests and they're going to move on to the next process, which will be basically ordering the resumption of the drilling, if you will. theni interesting thing about tt the results of the testing should come in monday or tuesday maybe tuesday afternoon and from start to finish by the time they lay everything out and resume the drilling, take anywhere from 90 hours to even up to four days or so. but it really is an amazing endeavor what they're going to do. roughly 2 1/2 miles down. the target they have to hit and the digging is actually taking place about, they're currently about 3 1/2 feet above the old well line and they have to dig along about 50 feet horizontally
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before they can hit the target. the target is about the size of a dinner plate. amazing stuff. they should proceed with that, again, if all goes well possibly within four days. >> and in kind of a small dinner plate, at that, i guess you could say, reynolds. >> absolutely. >> one of the big issues for this area is tourism dollars. they have taken an incredible hit and i see people on the beach behind you, but i'm wondering if maybe it's just too late in the season to really help them regain what they lost here. >> oh, certainly definitely going to be the case for many places. we talked about the issues they had, say again in parts of louisiana, obviously, mississippi. continues into parts of the portions of the florida panhandle and certainly here in alabama, a tough time for them. very fortunate today to have the mayor of gulf shores with us, and how have things been for you just over the last couple months and that we are no longer seeing the oil coming in out of the well, but, still, many issues remain. >> a lot remain. it's been a tough summer,
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obviously. but we're getting better. as you can see, we have people on the beach today. health advisory has been lifted and we're able to swim in the water and that's a clear signal to everybody that we're okay. we're beginning to see people come back and we're gaining a little optimism in hope for the future. >> now, really the biggest time for you would have been around the fourth of july. >> that's correct. >> the oil stopped. when was the last time you saw oil on the beach? >> probably three weeks ago, other than just a little bit last wednesday night, thursday morning, but that was this surf from the tropical storm kicked up some of the stuff that is buried along the shelf here but oil coming in from off shore, it's been probably three weeks. >> three weeks in this town. this is a town that has been ran for some 50 years. what's interesting, i'm sure you have to look, maybe with a measure of frustration when you look back at the measure of your town other mayors who had to deal with tropical storms and hurricanes and not so much of a template for you when it comes to dealing with oil spills. >> this is brand-new.
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we don't know what to expect and we certainly have no experience in dial dealing with it. no training, no background and every day is a different day and we had to approach it that way and not really knowing when the end is, it's like you talked earlier about a long-distance race. you're running a marathon and you don't know where the end is or how far you have to go. each day is different and it's been a real challenge. but we're doing better and the attitude of the folks is better and we have got some things left to do this fall that we're excited about. we have labor day coming up and a couple additional concerts as we've had before that are scheduled and the 25th, the weekend of the 25th we have big concerts at the warf. we have the shrimp festival in october and we have some other things to do. the beaches are clean and water is open and we still have hope to salvage a good portion of this year. >> when it comes to the people that have been damaged.
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a lot of people think of some of the big names of some of the big hotels but mom and pop industries. a lot of the restaurants and, of course, many bed and breakfasts and the complexes. have there been any that have been shut down? did it do any of them in? >> have somehave closed their doors. some are just hanging on to get through labor day weekend and see how that works because that is also traditionally a pretty good weekend for us and then see what feinberg is going to do. that's where our next hope lies. do things that maybe bp hadn't done. pay in advance so that we have some reliance that there's money in the bank and we know we can make it from month to month. we'll tell our employees, we have small business that is struggling and i'm fearful that we have some that will not make it through to next season. >> two things, first of all, we thank you for your time very much. we'll let you go because you have a busy day ahead of you. b bria
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briana, let's send it back to you in the studio. >> that beautiful beach scene behind you, thanks for that interview. appreciate it. >> absolutely. now to buffalo where a shooting outside a restaurant has left four people dead and four others wounded. this happened around 2:30 this morning in downtown buffalo and police say the victims had just attended a wedding party. one of the people killed was the groom. he's from texas and was supposed to be married this afternoon. police are looking for a suspect or suspects, as well as a motive. >> in case we need people to come forward. we cannot go into a lot of detail, but what we do know, again, we know there were many witnesses out there and we need people to come forward immediately. >> one of the people injured remains in serious condition and people say as many as 100 people attended the formal reception that restaurant. they are the workhorses of alaskan skies and in the wake of the deadly crash that killed senator ted stevens, we're taking a look at the role that small planes play in alaska's way of life. when i grow up,
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here are some new pictures that we have of the wreckage of the plane crash that killed former senator ted steveens and
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four others near dillingham, alaska. investigators say they recovered the engine from the side of this mountain where this plane crashed. they have also talked to two of the four survivors. one who was asleep until the crash the other who said that the plane just stopped flying. small planes like the one involved in the ted stevens crash are considered workhorses in alaska. these are how most people get to remote areas. our casey wian looks at their history and their importance to this state. >> reporter: one of the first things you notice when you arrive in alaska how prevalent these so-called float planes are. we're at lake hood the largest sea plane base in the world. if you wonder why the planes are so prevalent here, you can see the mountainous terrain behind me and many cities in alaska are inaccessible by car.
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you either have to access them by plane or by boat. float planes have become the method of transportation, that is most popular in this state. over my left shoulder here you can see an otter, which is the type of plane that was carrying ted stevens, the late senator ted stevens and eight others, four of whom perished. it's an occupational hazard, as ted stevens once said himself of life in alaska. these planes, in many cases, are very, very old. people who fly them say they're very, very safe, but that terrain here makes flying often treacherous. here at the alaska aviation heritage museum, there's an exhibit commemorating one of the most famous float plane fatalities in history. will rogers, he perished in a float plane accident 75 years ago this weekend. what's most remarkable about this is looking at the planes then, they don't look much different from the planes that are still in the air here today. >> up here in alaska, they're
3:15 pm
still getting the job done. you don't have a lot of new production aircrafts that are being designed and manufactured. >> given the terrain and give on the age of the aircraft, how worried are pilots here about their safety? >> you're always conscious of the environment around you. here in alaska, the weather can change quickly. you do have a lot of varied terrain. >> reporter: this is an al jones airways plane from the 1920s, but not all of alaska's aircraft industry is stuck in time. al jones airways is one of six carriers that merged over the years and became what is known today as alaska airlines. casey wian, cnn reporting from anchorage, alaska. coming up, a story that will give you the heebie-jeebies and intrigue you all in one sitting. in germany, this is what they're dealing with. an insect invasion. we'll take you to one small town that is just waiting for these clouds of flies to finish their business.
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every city has its problems, but this one, well, it really stinks. cnn's frederick takes us right into the middle of a german town's fly invasion. >> reporter: it looks almost like snowfall in the middle of summer in this town in buveeria. but take a closer look and you'll see it's millions of day flies driving some residents crazy. as you can see, it's just disgusting, this man says, and it smells gross, too. it smells bad because the flies
3:18 pm
that only live for about three or four days come here to mate and most die after the process. authorities try to keep the streets as clean as possible, often in vein. if they lie on the street for a while, it becomes really slippery for cars and people walking, says this city worker and they start to stink. the fly spectacle happens every year in the town as the local river provides a perfect breeding ground. but believe it or not, the town says things improved since authorities installed these powerful lights under a bridge. "since the flies like to be near the light, many of them stay off the bridge," the city's fire chief says. the invasion of the breeding flies goes on for about three weeks, then the town goes back to normal until mating season next year. cnn, berlin. >> just makes you want to brush
3:19 pm
it off of the screen there. more fun ahead, a man in absolute awe of a double rainbow. this is one of the funniest videos to go viral this year. we'll be showing it to you and also other top videos after the break.
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checking our top stories. president obama says he supports the islamic mosque project near ground zero. he says muslims have the same rights as other americans, namely, to practice their religious. some families of the 9/11 victims are against building an islamic center so close to the sight of the world trade center. president obama and the first family are visiting florida today, though. he spoke a short while ago
3:21 pm
praising cleanup efforts in the gulf and he encouraged tourists to return to area beaches. mr. obama also said bp needs to process oil disaster claims faster and he reassured residents that the government will watch over things to make sure the environment is protected. the number two democrat in the u.s. senate is resting this weekend. senator dick durbin was released from a chicago hospital last night after surgery this week to remove a tumor from his stomach. the growth was benign but it had the potential to turn cancerous. his office says there's no sign of cancer anywhere in the senator's body and he's expected to return to work some time next week. cnn's josh lebs usually is the one bringing us the week's hottest viral videos. one of our favorite segments here. stepping in we have our high-tech guru marc saltzman
3:22 pm
joins via skype and, marc, we have to start off with the double rainbow man. explain to us what this is as we take a look at this. >> right, so, this is one of the funniest videos that actually was uploaded in january, but it wasn't until jimmy kimmel tweeted it in july that it became this international phenomenon. this is paul vazquez, a gentleman in yosemite park videotaping a rainbow, a double rainbow and this is the most euphoric moment the man has ever experienced. it is true bliss and he is just freaking out on the video. >> let's listen as he freakess out. >> oh, my gosh. whoa! wow! yeah! >> he's having a good day. and this video has spawn
3:23 pm
countless songs and remixes of his elation and it's been a blast. so, that's number one of my top five best viral videos so far. >> now, i can see that. we should only be so happy as to see something like that and sort of experience that euphoria. our question is, was he on something? that was one of the questions that we had. all right, i want to get to this next one because this is my favorite one personally. this is the sixth grader singing lady gaga song "paparazzi." >> covered lady gaga's bad romance and just so well done. he sings and plays piano and you can just see the kids' faces behind them especially the girls. >> let's listen real quick. >> let's take a look. ♪
3:24 pm
♪ until you love me paparazzi ♪ >> i got this one confused because there's also another one of a young kid who is sort of performing and dancing to the song "paparazzi." >> oh, right. i stand corrected it's "paparazzi" not bad romance. but this has been seen by nearly 30 million people now. he got invited on to the "ellen" show and got a call from the famed monster herself and now allegedly a recording contract. this is a 12-year-old who is amazing at what he does. good for him. >> he's amazing. he gives lady gaga a run for her money there. next one, iphone 4 revealed by gizmoto this is because an apple engineer accidentally left the smartphone prototype in a california beer garden. >> two volume buttons are now
3:25 pm
separate. the whole outside is metallic instead of plastic. >> but, mark, he didn't say you have to hold it like there's, i noticed there is a reception problem. he didn't say that. i tell you that. this is really interesting. tell us about this? >> this is preantennagate. he paid $5,000 for this prototype that, you know, is really proof that alcohol and corporate secrets aren't a good mix. so, we're talking about one of the world's biggest tech companies the iconic brand having a major slip. some argue it could have been intentional, i doubt it. this is revealing iphone 4 to the world before apple was ready to do it. steve jobs kidded when he did unveil iphone 4 a month later he asked the audience, stop me if you've seen this before because this video became a huge hit, not just for tech is but anybody curious bout the new smart phone. >> this might tie the kid
3:26 pm
singing the lady gaga song. old spice. have you seen a commercial like this that is so, it's main stream, but then it just kind of goes wild. this is, of course, the man your man wants to smell like. >> with the man your man can smell like. what's in your hand? back at me. an oyster with two tickets to the thing you love. >> they're diamonds. this is just great. >> mark, i mean, this is pretty amazing. i wonder if they thought it was going to take off like this. >> this is the biggest social media story of 2010, without question. this is going to be in the books, in the marketing books for colleges going forward. how old spice, what was once a, you know, something your grandfather wore and you roll your eyes over it with a very handsome, shirtless dude promising you the world and it's not just this particular video, which has been seen billions of times on youtube, but many other tv commercials that have also
3:27 pm
been on youtube. and then, in fact, isaiah mu staufa, the actor who portrays this old spice guy, he started answering questions via twitter in his towel, no less. a huge social viral video campaign that has really done a great job for the brand this year. >> big hit for that actor, of course, as well as you mentioned. the next one we call the mcnuggets rampage. let's roll this and, as we do, tell us what's going on here. >> that's right. i don't think there is any audio for this and that's probably a good thing. this is security footage taken at a mcdonald's drive through where an irate toledo woman beats up two employees because she was told at the drive through window it was too early to serve mcnuggets. this is a woman who is not having a happy meal, let's just say. it is, you know, been making the rounds. many many tens of thousands of views, people have seen this video on youtube and it's really something and this was really
3:28 pm
big news before steven slater's dramatic exit on a jetblue flight last week. so, just one thing after another. people's bad day caught on video and, you know, i think it's just good. if we're having a bad day at the office to look at something like this and think, okay, well, there's worse out there. >> sure. >> this is one of those examples. >> she's making it a very bad day for all the employees and her bad behavior there. that is kind of her punishment, mark. >> this is apparently a year old but hopefully those mcdonald's employees are fine and the woman gets what she deserves. it's entertainment, a little sad, but, you know, this is the video that has been making the rounds. >> all right, mark, thank you so much for all of those very funny, some not so funny but mostly funny. our next story now, president obama endorses a plan to build an islamic cultural center and mosque near ground zero. how is the announcement playing on the streets of new york and what do the american people think about this mosque in
3:29 pm
general? we'll have those answers when we come back. ♪
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president obama is stepping in to the contentious debate over whether to build a mosque near ground zero. speaking at a white house dinner yesterday to mark the muslim holy month of ramadan, the president acknowledged the controversial nature of the project, but he argued that american ideals and the constitution demand that the project move forward. >> we are a nation of christians and muslims, jews and hindus and nonbelievers. we are shaped by every language and every culture. drawn from every end of this earth. and that diversity can bring difficult debates. this is not unique to our time. seen controversies about the construction of synagogues more catholic churches. but time and again, the american
3:33 pm
people have demonstrated that we can work through these issues and stay true to our core values and emerge stronger for it. >> the president's endorsement drew praise from new york mayor michael bloomberg, but many people in new york are split on whether the president should get involved in what some believe is a local matter. >> the muslims have the right to free we have synagogues, churches everywhere. i'm proud of him. i'm proud of the united states. >> i don't live in new york, but i understand his point. i understand it's controversial that it's close by here but i also believe it's right to allow all religions to be able to be in the united states. that's what we are built on. >> i think it's terrible. it doesn't have anything to do with freedom of religion. it's making a point. there's plenty of realty all over manhattan. plenty of realty everywhere. it shouldn't be here. >> how do the american people feel about this controversy?
3:34 pm
we ask cnn deputy political director paul stein houser to look at the latest poll numbers. >> brianna, our poll suggests that americans are not divided on this issue. this is a national survey that we conducted from august 6th to 10th. it indicates that 68% of the public are opposed to that mosque by ground zero in new york city by 29% in favor. when you break the numbers down, you can see no generational divide or partisan divide. 54% of democrats oppose to the risk, seven out of ten independents jumps to 82% of republicans. it's rare when democrats and republicans are on the same side of the issues. by age, as well. more than six out of ten people under 50 years old opposed to the building of that mosque. that jumps a little higher, a little more than three-quarters. 50 and older. the mosque, developers say, will be part of a 13-story complex that they determine islamic center which is just two blocks from where the world trade
3:35 pm
center used to stand. brianna. >> paul steinhauser for us. a shooting outside of a buffalo raunt leaves four dead and four injured. one of the victims was actually the groom. joining us by phone buffalo police spokesman mike degeorge. this just sounds horrible. was this a rehearsal dinner where this happened. that's what it sounds like. >> it has been described as some type of prewedding party. the actual event was supposed to be today. i don't know if it was the rehearsal dinner, per se. it has just been described to police as some type of prewedding party or get together. >> but these were all of the guests, i guess there was more than 100 of them that were supposed to be attending the wedding today and right now there doesn't appear to be, but
3:36 pm
there are suspects, but are you close to catching anyone or determining who might have done this? >> briana, all i can say at this point is that the homicide detectives have worked around the clock since the incident occurred at about 2:30 this morning and what i can say at this point is that the detebtives have made progress along the way, good progress along the way and hopefully in the near bit of otime here there will be some type of an announcement. but right now the investigation continues and there is progress being made. >> and i understand you have to be sensitive to the fact that this is a developing situation, but do you get the sense that this is some sort of random act of violence or that this person may have actually been at the gathering, may have had a motive? >> well, it appears right now, briana, that there was, as we said, there was some type of large gathering, large party inside the restaurant and police
3:37 pm
believe that there was a dispute or an argument inside the restaurant. it spilled outside and that's when the shootings began. >> and what can you tell us about the groom here and the families and the other victims? >> well, of the four dead, two men, two women. the men are 26 and 30 years old and one of them, the 30-year-old male was, in essence, the groom. the two women who were killed are 27 and 32 years old. and then four other individuals were also injured. they're all males and their injuries range from minor to one individual whose injuries are described as very serious.
3:38 pm
>> can you tell us any more about the dispute, maybe what started it? >> unclear right now. it remains under investigation other than to say that some type of dispute argument or fight. >> all right, mike degeorge, the buffalo police spokesman. thanks for taking some time out today. we know that investigation continues and we'll continue to follow it here. in new orleans, though, they're just rebuilding more than of course just the buildings after katrina. the police and the mayor are working to rebuild the trust of the people. aflac! is that different from health insurance? well yeah... ...aflac pays you cash to help with the bills that health insurance doesn't cover. really? well, if you're hurt and can't work, who's going to help pay for gas? ..the mortgage, all kinds of expenses? aflacccccccccc! it's the protection you need to stay ahead of the game... exactly! aflac. we've got you under our wing. aflac, aflac, aflac... aflac, aflac, aflac try new zegerid otc.
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a check of your top stories now. president obama is in panama beach city, florida, along with the first lady or the first family, i should say. one of the daughters. he is trying to promote tourism in the gulf coast. he met with local leaders and florida's governor to talk about the effects of the oil disaster in the gulf of mexico. and flooding in pakistan is already the worst disaster in the country's 63-year history. with more rain expected this weekend, it could get even worse. around 1,400 people have died and 20 million have been affected in one way or another. pakistan's government canceled many of today's planned
3:42 pm
independence day celebrations because of the devastating floods. five years after hurricane katrina and the deadly incident on the dan zinger bridge. the new mayer and police chief of new orleans are walking the city streets trying to regain the trust of the people they serve. cnn's drew griffin has the story. mitch landrieu getting to know the city's poor neighborhoods. >> he tackled me. he tackled me. did you see that? you think you're funny, huh? >> reporter: landrieu and his new police chief are leading a walk in a show of police presence and support on this crime-riddled street. this woman appeals for help to help gunfight in a nearby park so children can play in safety. >> having this big boom, boom, boom. down last week with my
3:43 pm
granddaughter and she's 5 years old. >> reporter: on this street, guard dogs are no protection. against gunshots in the middle of the night. >> saturday night between 11:00, 11:30, my mom's house got shot up. a drive by. went through that window and went to the third room of my mother's house. come on in. >> reporter: the new mayor concedes people are reluctant to trust police. with 16 officers now under indictment for pleading guilty in shooting deaths in the week after hurricane katrina. two of the victims killed on this bridge. when you read the revelations in the danzinger bridge case, not just the crime, but the cover up, can people in this city right now have faith in their police department? >> no, i don't think so. the department is supposed to protect and serve and right now
3:44 pm
it has not done either of those things well. my top priority is to make this city safe. it cannot be safe without a police department that people trust. >> reporter: mary howell says police failures have not only fed mistrust but have encouraged crime. >> at the same time that we're having these terrible problems with corruption and brutality with the department, we also lead the nation in crime and in homicides and in violent crime. >> reporter: in this first year in office for mayor landrieu, new orleans has been averaging a murder every other day. landrieu asked the justice department to come in and help reform his police force. >> as a kid that grew up in the city of new orleans, you get very, very frustrated that things have been allowed to get this bad, but you have to acknowledge that and then you have to right the ship and you have to turn it around and force it to go in the right direction and that's what we intend on doing. >> reporter: drew griffin, cnn, new orleans. >> cnn tonight a look at the actions of the new orleans police in the aftermath of
3:45 pm
hurricane katrina. did innocent people die at the hands of police officers? cnn investigates whether some overstressed officers took shoot to kill orders too far and shoot to kill tonight and sunday night at 8:00 eastern. a scottish fish farmer came up with a way to feed more than 400,000 kids all over the world every single day. meet this week's cnn's hero, when we come back. weird, i can't find it. ♪ [ female announcer ] new tide original with acti-lift technology helps remove many dry stains as if they were fresh. hey! you found it. yeah, it must have been hiding in my closet. [ female announcer ] new tide original with acti-lift. style is an option. clean is not. get acti-lift in these tide detergents.
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my subaru saved my life. i won't ever forget that. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. from a pint in the pub to the poorest places on earth, this week's cnn hero turned a beer fuel beer storm into a feeding program for hundreds of thousands of school kids. take a look at how a scottish
3:47 pm
fish farmer single act of kindness took on a life of its own. >> i never expected my life to change in this way. my brother and i were having a pint in our local pub. we've seen a news report about a refugee camp in bosnia and began saying, wouldn't it be wonderful it we could just do one small thing to help. we gothered food and blankets and clothing and drove them out there. i'm magnus macfarline-barrow. out of that has grown the organization which today feeds around 412,000 children every day in 15 different countries. we buy the food locally and then we ask the local community to take responsibility for the daily cooking and the serving of the food. by far our biggest project is here in malawi where we're
3:48 pm
feeding about 330,000 children every day. for those young people to realize their potential by feeding them and giving them a life and by getting them into the classroom. we began working in haiti in 2006. in addition to feeding children, we have been feeding the elderly. since the earthquake, we have been involved in providing health care and we've been helping with the rebuilding of the schools. when i think of of it, i think of it as a series of lots and lots of little acts of love. i learned every little small act of kindness helps make a difference. >> more than 400,000 kids in 15 countries are getting nutritious meals, thanks to magnus. to see how he is helping in haiti or if you want to help him deliver more meals, go to well, xhcheck this out.
3:49 pm
you are watching a tornado here just getting stronger and stronger in minnesota. coming up, we will check out the damage.
3:50 pm
3:51 pm
in parts of the midwest some really rough weather over the last few days as you can see in these pictures. this tornado, it swept across farmland and highways near hayfield, minnesota. the good thing here, there are no reports of any injuries or major damage but multiple tornadoes were reported in minnesota and north dakota a day earlier. jaqui jeras is here with us in the cnn weather center. this is not the end of severe weather. >> oh, gosh. we even have a tornado, really, anywhere in the united states for the most part, any given month, depending what the atmospheric conditions are but this is the time of the year we'd be focusing more on the northern tier of the country as the jet stream travels across the area. that's also what's responsible for all the heat by the way in the south is that the jet stream is taking more of a northerly track so it's keeping all the heat down here, keeping all of the storms up here. that's going to be the rule for the most part. it's trying to make a little progress and trying to make its way more toward the central
3:52 pm
plains and maybe into the ohio valley, so it's trying to push that heat down just a little bit more. unfortunately, it's a very slow process and it hasn't been terribly successful as of late. so hopefully we'll get a little bit of this relief by early next week. in the meantime, what do we have here for severe thunderstorms? take a look at the line here that's been developing across parts of ohio down into western kentucky. the primary threat i think here is going to be wind damage. the potential for that as well as a lot of lightning. if you're heading out for dinner, picnic plans, an evening barbecue, make sure you watch out and follow the safety rules as well. across the southeast we've got a lot of action, too. heavy downpours, lots of lightning, and our area of low pressure which used to be a tropical depression number 5. take a look at the little swirl on the radar here. this is just enshrouding the southeast with cloud cover making for a pretty lousy weekend. lots of humidity. so of course it's feeling very uncomfortable out there and lots of showers and thunderstorms.
3:53 pm
just kind of sporadic. you won't have them all day and all night but they will pop up and ruin a bit of your plans. for tomorrow though we expect the focus to be across parts of the great lakes for severe weather and there you can see that heat trying to shrink a little bit further on down towards the south. i want to show you where we've got the heat advisories in effect for today and it still covers 17 states so this is a lot of folks and it's not just the nation's mid section either. take a look at this. we've got a few problems out west. where the west has been -- oh, my little button doesn't want to work. sorry about that. i just wanted to mention places in arizona including the phoenix area, seattle, and portland a little ridge of high pressure in place in the pacific northwest where they've been crazy cool. we've had record lows across parts of the west. now they're going to be dealing with potential record heat this weekend. it's going to be pushing a hundred degrees in portland. >> this is that time where you say, what can i do? i think going to the movies is on the top of the list. it's almost too hot to even go to a water park or something.
3:54 pm
you're just too exposed. >> i hear you. the library is good. >> the library. i can see you at the library. i would be at the movies. that might be the difference between us. >> either/or. >> a cool place. jaqui, thank you so much for that. >> sure. well check this out. lucky number seven. can you believe this for one florida man? boy, do i mean really lucky. richard lustic just cashed in his seventh winning lottery ticket. this one was worth a hundred grand, chump change to the $843,000 jackpot, the biggest out of his seven wins. and he says he has a special lucky system which he'll be happy to reveal for a price. he's also working on a book. but now he has to change his title from "six time lottery winner" to seven. i don't know if i feel all that sorry for him about that. feeling the pain of the oil disaster. louisiana seafood producers trying to get back ontrack. coming up we'll show you how they're putting seafood to the test.
3:55 pm
if you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes, you may also have very high triglycerides -- too much fat in the blood. it's a serious medical condition. lovaza, along with diet, effectively lowers very high triglycerides in adults but has not been shown to prevent heart attacks or strokes. lovaza starts with omega-3 fish oil that's then purified and concentrated. it's the only omega-3 medication that's fda-approved. you can't get it at a health food store. lovaza isn't right for everyone. tell your doctor if you're allergic to fish, have other medical conditions and about any medications you're taking, especially those that may increase risk of bleeding. blood tests are needed before and during treatment. in some, ldl or bad cholesterol may increase. possible side effects include burping, infection, flu-like symptoms, upset stomach, and change in sense of taste. ask your doctor about lovaza, the prescription that starts in the sea.
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the president, first lady, and their youngest daughter sasha are spending part of the weekend in the gulf coast. they arrived today in panama city beach, florida, where mr. obama said he will take a dip in the water off camera he did say. he also heard from people directly affected by the oil spill. the president praised those who have been by their side leading the cleanup effort and he and first lady michelle obama also took part in a round table discussion with business owners and navy secretary ray navis. the gulf coast seafood industry has taken a huge hit with this oil disaster. one local businessman says his business has gone down over 50% since the spill.
3:59 pm
but harlem pierce says it will bounce back simply because nothing beats louisiana seafood. >> we're going to unload the truck. >> we've already pulled a couple. >> i prefer black drum to red fish. i think it's more moist. red fish can dry out. >> yeah. >> now, that's louisiana shrimp. >> holy smokes. look at the size of these shrimp. >> louisiana whites. our brand has been desperately challenged. we really couldn't work on the brand until the spill was stopped. normally i have 30,000 nounds my cooler. if i have 7,000 right now i'm lucky and that's a lot. it's been to where i had 200 pounds in this cooler the last five or ten days every day. the area has gotten slow right now and it's just been very, very difficult. we've probably had a hundred dozen soft crabs come in this morning and most of them are already delivered. people don't come here to eat


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